She had it first and it was a doozy. Now I have been suffering with it for the past four days and it is also a doozy.

The fact that she and I have not been physically closer than 15 miles apart for the past year or so is besides the point. I blame her for the cold I have. The sneezing, the coughing, the stuffy-head-fogged misery of mine is all her fault. She had it first. Now I have it.

You might think that is unfair. Sick is unfair. Do not expect logic.

whine… sniffle…snores-so-bad hubby contemplated leaving the connubial (hah! not with this cold, red nose, and stuffed up snores to wake the dead) bed… (please do NOT dwell on that visual).

The moments I have been awake have been spent working on felting projects and a brain-dead knitting project — knit around and around and around and around and around until I get dizzy and doze off.

Tonight I lasted awake long enough to type this. Progress of sorts, yes?