We have different scales of reference for dolls, HO trains, collectibles, and lordie knows what all. Paperbacks come mostly in one size, hardback titles are generally printed another size (the libraries around the world appreciate this I am sure). In stores we buy the small-medium-large in foods and clothing. Things are generally sorted by size with little crossover.

He-Man and Masters of the UniverseChemo Barbie - pre-radiation days
When the kids were little, the full-sized GI Joe’s, and He-Man action figures were 12″ tall. The Barbies were 14″ tall. Our kids mixed and matched the people with no regard to height. Susan had a wedding between one of the Barbie’s (I think it was the cancer Barbie – she cut off all the hair) and He-Man. He-Man’s nose poked right between her breasts as they danced. Later they went out and killed monsters.

Here at work we have 3 different human scales.

Elfin – short and/or very, very, VERY slender, long fingers, with short-cropped curly hair or long flowing locks (no in-betweens)
Reg’lar – that would be me – 5 feet 4 1/2″ and ‘full-figured’ top and bottom
Gulliver/Andre-the-Giant– perfectly proportioned, in excess of 5’11”, classically Junoesque, or gentle-giant-sized.

The Gulliver’s (I keep feeling like I am one of the Lilliputians) float over the tops of the cubicle walls as they walk by and look like a series of ‘Killroy was here’ caricatures or Wilson from ‘Tool Time’. You know, we never saw anything below Wilson’s eyes and part of his nose. That took some really creative camera work I am sure!

I feel like I am living in a mis-matched universe with all these different scales of humans around me. A hobbit amidst the Clan of Men and the Clan of Elvin warriors, Greek statues, and Alice down her rabbit hole.

How is YOUR universe scaled?