I listen to WBZ News Radio (1030 on the AM dial) during my morning commute. I get fairly accurate road reports every 10 minutes, and snippets of current events and news to follow up on later (or not… most items in the news only need a snippet of copy to cover them in their entirety IMHO).

From todays’ business news portion of the broadcast:

“Manufacturers’ orders for durable goods increased by 1.0% last month to a seasonally adjusted $165.67 billion, the Commerce Department said Wednesday. … Durables — a car is an example — are designed to last at least three years.”

Durable means three years? That just seems so wrong.

Most of my closet contents are in excess of ‘durable’ many times over. In this context, some fruitcakes could be considered ‘durable goods’ (especially if you use them as door stops).

That makes me ultra, uber ‘durable’.