Well, caught isn’t quite the right term. I took it off the curtain rods, attached wooden dowels top and bottom, and had it all ready to put in my office. There is a lone hook on the big blank wall my desk faces. I put a dried rose there from a bouquet DD Susan sent me years ago just so it wouldn’t be totally blank.

The rose is 12-14″ long. The wall is 9.5’x20′ so it is rather swallowed up by the wall. When I moved into this new space at the end of February (yes, 8 months ago) I planned on putting this batik print on that wall. I finally bought the dowels last July. I took it down off the window (the light filtering through the batik-ed print is lovely!) and gently cleaned the dust off it and carefully peeled it off the curtain rods.

Last weekend I used fine, clear nylon filament thread to tack the dowels on. It was ready to go to work. I can say I have eaten this frog only when it is actually hanging at work.

I should put it in the car, just to be ready, right? Yeah me, I was even organized! I took it to work, managed to hang it on the wall…

And I hated how it looked. Better than nothing but… not quite the vision I was after after all.

I bought a plain, cheap inexpensive poster frame for it after SnB yesterday. I left it in the car and went into work this morning, forgetting the poster frame was there in the trunk.

Bleary-eyed from working on 11+ email campaign reports and desperate for any excuse to leave my desk… frame to the rescue! Out I trot to the trunk of my car, collect said frame, and return to my desk. (You’re probably thinking I forgot to bring my office keys with me when I went out to my car, but I know me. I keep my office keys on my car key ring.)

Actually, it did take a fair bit for me to disassemble the frame and reassemble it without smudging the plastic, and keeping it semi-evenly in the frame, and clipping the borders back together all lined up. Then the back crimp hanger thingy for the wall hook was so tightly pressed into the backboard, I almost despaired of ever getting it actually hung. But I am more stubborn than a mere inanimate item (and most animate ones too, but I digress…).

I guesstimated it was over a half hour start to finish. The actual time according to a clock? About 9 and a half minutes. The aggravation factor always makes time stretch out MUCH longer!


I think it looks *much* better now…the wall AND the print.
And another frog bites the dust…

p.s. The analogy of ‘eating a frog first thing’ is catchy, but it really isn’t a motivator for me due to the whole eating part. Catching frogs is gross enough for sissy me!