I was drooling over them for 2 months and they came in red! They were in stock at WalMart for pete’s sake! On SALE!

I agonized.

I hesitated.

I tried to rationalize how its lighter weight would be easier for traveling but we weren’t likely to be making an overnight trip for a few months.

I was thinking too linearly. I can tote Reba anywhere, anytime. I can bring her to SnB meet-ups so I can have access to knitting resources, and show Karen how to do her own email.

Getting Reba connected to the network at home ended up being a headache from the word “GO” because… dyslexia happens, ya know? The security encryption code for our wireless network is a standard 28-key HEX string of letters and numbers. Fortunately they are not case-sensitive! But twist any of them about and it won’t connect to the secure network. If you carefully write down the encryption sequence, type it into a form field, then copy and paste it into a .txt file for future reference, you will be replicating the original typed version over and over.

If you transposed pieces of THAT… you spend hours trying to figure out what the trouble is. The network hub is checked. The online help files are scoured. And each time you create a new instance, you cut and paste in that same original string of characters.

Guaranteeing the same results every time.

I was ready to return the blasted thing. There were two more red ones in stock I could swap with. I had resigned myself to that chore when DH came in with a new, hand-written encryption sequence which we compared to the one we had been using. There was a single pair of swapped characters differentiating them… oh…


Meet Reba: