Over the past couple of days I have been struggling fighting with the validation and send mail code for an online form that should have been a piece of cake.

But it wasn’t working.

It worked over there, and there, and on this other one, too. So why wasn’t it working on this page? Validation scripting was being ignored, the page was being submitted willy-nilly with the confirmation note showing up as if it was a done deal, but I wasn’t getting the email. The email that was supposed to be sent between the submit button and the confirmation text.

I checked my naming syntax. Nope. I had copy-pasted the variable names throughout so the issue of mis-typed/typing would be a non-issue. (Copy-pasting is my favorite thing for code! The alert box is a close second.)

I took my code down to the IT department and begged help. A half hour later we were no closer to a solution or even an understanding of why the email was not being sent.

Taking up the gauntlet this morning (in my cube this time), the IT contractor showed me how far she had gotten in debugging the page. According to her, the validation worked. I still wasn’t getting the email and now the confirmation text and the page it was on were no longer appearing.

We fixed that easily enough. And stared again at the perplexing issue of WHY no email.

Glancing at the surrounding desktop I noticed that my Junk Email folder had quite a few items in it. It gets emptied regularly. The spammers must have been working overtime…uh…

The missing emails from the past two days had been going into my Junk E-mail folder. I had spent all that time debugging something that wasn’t broken.


(I feel so stoopid…)