4 adults
3 laptops
1 kitchen

One is checking a recipe.
One is logging in to check email, and also confirming contents of recipe being used by current cook (see previous).
One is attempting to log in to a new account on a new netbook.

They are all conversing with one another at the same time… well, taking turns to speak, of course, but having actual social dialog while they check the recipe, the email, and the login procedure.

For the past several years, holiday meals and meal planning have not featured piles of cookbooks spread across counters in the kitchen. The more common sight ’round these here parts <g> is the cook(s) staring intently at a laptop screen as they stir, peel, measure, or assemble shopping lists and ingredients.

Welcome to the future.

For cooks it has to be the best of times. We have access to fresh fruits and vegetables year ’round. We can store meats, entire meals, and freshly-picked organic produce in freezers for months on end. In the dead of winter we can taste new spring peas, blueberries, and carrots.

When cooks find themselves with an overabundance of one item, they can search the ‘net for what to do with it (chicken sausage was my most recent one). Just type in what you have in your cupboard, and voila! A list of recipes using your ingredient(s) appears to choose from. (If you find one for broccoli rabe, skip it entirely no matter what the comments say. yechh!)

You know, I can do that for knitting too. I can log into Ravelry and look for patterns using XX yards of [insert yarn type/name here]. Granted, the results can be quite extensive, and hard to pick between, but the deal here is, you have access to people who already did this project — and instant human reference for assistance! They have photos of the finished items in most cases.

In addition to the wonderful Ravelry site, I can find video tutorials for almost any stitch you can name. In the privacy of my own laptop I can watch, re-watch, and watch again how to to the kitchner stitch (almost 20 times, but who’s counting?). I can now do the kitchner stitch with minimal visual reminders for assistance.

Ahem…but I digress…

Computers in the kitchen are now as basic as the dishwashers, refrigerators, and microwaves. And more multi-functional to boot!