Knitting for car ride ‘to’ – check
Toothbrush – check
Knitting for car ride ‘from’ – check
Nightie clothes – check
3rd knitting project in case first projects are too boring – check
Miscellaneous Toiletries (read: makeup) and medicines – check
change of underwear/outerwear – check
new knitting project – hey, the car ride is over 3 hours each way AND we are looking at foliage (I can *so* knit and look at trees out a car window!) – check
extra sweater (it was Vermont, after all!) – check
show-off knitting project (take votes on which button works best with finished sweater) – check
small flashlight to see with, so you can finish the row if it gets dark before you get to a good stopping point -check
extra flashlight in case the batteries die on the first one – check


I dropped one of the needles (project #2) between the seats and couldn’t reach it. Projects #1 and 3 were requiring more brain than I had available to figure out the next step while riding in a car and gaping at fall foliage. The show-off project was all done except for voting on the buttons.

I should have packed a 4th project for this overnight visit.