Quick! Clean the house! Pretend I have not been buried in work for over a year! Try to cover up that I have not done yard work (oouch! the hedges!), washed floors (do not walk barefoot in the kitchen), dusted (the only thing dirtier than my gutter mind), or put away projects from months ago…


I would love to pretend that I can keep up with insane work hours, housekeeping, puppies, grandchildren, knitting, reading, technology updates, exercise, husband, music, and all….but the truth of the matter is..

I can’t.

We have planned a few activities away for foliage viewing, visiting the newest family member (Liam sadly said he didn’t remember her coming last fall, but he would try harder to remember her for next year). These activities should surely distract her from the state of affairs here.

I try to keep my priorities in line… God and family first, along with home, friends, music, and *then* work…

But the reality is that work has been taking 12+ hours of my days, every day. I scramble out as early as I possibly can in the morning. While at work I have no time to think of anything *except* work and once I get home, I am too fried to do much else.

The condition of the house reflects that. It is mostly picked up, but there are piles on the dining room table, the kitchen counters, and mounds in the laundry area. The windows are coated with puppy noses. Several houseplants are in terminal stages of neglect.


My mother is coming and there is the knee-jerk panic attack to pretend I am an organized housekeeper-homemaker-employed-daughter-wife. The only consolation at this late date (she arrives tomorrow afternoon) is that her abode is no better… and she is retired.