The weekend was good… perhaps *too* good. It followed a spectacular Maine event. Life was good indeed and I was a poster child for the ‘Life is good’ clothing line. Time for a reality check?


Sunday evening I noticed a distinct wet splotch on the rug near our bedroom door. Our dogs do not have ‘accidents’ indoors (we won’t count when they upchuck upset tummies). The paper towel pressed into the spot had no color nor was there a discernible odor.

Perhaps something spilled? A LOT of something spilled? After the third bath-sized towel being pressed into the rug and being lifted up sopping wet, it occurred to me that this was no ordinary ‘spill’ unless that ‘spill’ was actually a four-quart pot of water poured into the rug… or maybe two of them?

Enter DH, disbelieving but intent on solving the riddle of where the water was coming from. Even better, it looked to require the application of hammers, saws, pry bars, and ripping up molding and carpeting in the recently (well, 2 years ago, but still the most recent renovation) finished closet.

Did you know that the high density, high quality foam padding under our new rug is actually a super-sized, super-absorbent sponge?

I did say this discovery took place Sunday evening, yes?

He turned off the water (forgot to mention it *before* he did it, but he was going to, honest!) to the master bedroom bathroom, and looked at the newly exposed section of pipes. Yup. Definitely a leak in there.

We are blessed to have a second bath on the other side of the house which carried me through nocturnal bladder needs and morning shower. I went to work with bubbles of hope that this would allow us to seriously think about renovating the problematic master bath. The tub is canted into the wall by over an inch. The caulking in the tub area will not ‘hold’ and tends to generate mold if I don’t keep at it. The pipes have a small leak into the garage but so far this has not caused an internal issue.

A new bath! I have so many fantasies… a jacuzzi? Dual sinks? Nicer tiles?

There is a good news/bad news end to this story.

The good news is that DH was able to get plumbers in early to review the problem and fix the leak for a mere $150.00

The bad news is that they were able to find and fix the leak for a mere $150.00 so I have no excuse to pursue a bathroom renovation. I do have lots of water to sop up. We are still running a dehumidifier 24 hours (emptying the water container multiple times), pressing towels into the rugs, lifting the sopping material, putting it in the dryer, then reapplying the towels…


Tonight we took the puppies for a walk after dinner (taking a break from the water debris) and returned home just as the skies opened. Literally, we were just stepping onto the porch when the skies opened.

Maybe my reality check cleared and I’m getting a discount? (It’s my Quality Universe so it could happen!)