Have you ever wondered about what Batman and Robin like to eat? Has it ever crossed your mind that they could have interests outside of fighting crime?

In a recent interview I asked them these question.

Thank you for joining us. Um…who is who, here? I mean, your crime fighting capes are very similar. Do you ever get confused who is who?

Aidan/Robin: Batman and Robin!

Liam/Batman: He is Robin. I’M Batman.

Aidan/Robin: Batman Robin!

Thank you for clearing that up. Do you have hobbies? I mean, what do you like to do when you aren’t out fighting crime?

Aidan/Robin: Batman Robin!

Liam/Batman: We have these really neat Legos. LOTS of Legos. We make sharks and tractors and helicopters and things.

Aidan/Robin: Up! Under!

Legos community

Legos community

Liam/Batman: Mom and grampa make things, too. Jake isn’t very good at it. That’s probably because he is a dog and doesn’t know how to do Legos. Remy is bad at Legos. He eats them.

Aidan/Robin: Yumm!

Liam/Batman: No, not yumm! When he eats the pieces we have to throw them out.

Aidan/Robin: Oh.

Speaking of food, what foods do you like, Liam, I mean, Batman?

Liam/Batman: Everything. Well, lots of things. I like to cook! Aidan, I mean Robin, helps. We cook pies and cookies and make lemonade from real lemons.

Aidan/Robin: Yumm! Pie!

Liam/Batman: We have apples. Gramma says there is enough for pie. (is 5 apples enough gramma? They are? Hurray! Make a pie with us?)

Watching Batman and Robin bake a pie is an education. The teamwork is impressive!

Liam/Batman: You can wash the apples and I will dry them, okay?

Aidan/Robin: Okay.

Liam/Batman: Are there enough apples for us to have a tiny bite of apple? Maybe a really, really, tiny bitty bite?

Liam/Batman: I know where the pie pans are!

Aidan/Robin: Pie!

Liam/Batman: After we wash the apples and they are sliced, we put them in the pie pan. We dump other stuff on top, cover it with a pie crust and take turns using a fork on the edges. Press down and pull out. Not so hard Aidan! I mean, Robin.

Aidan/Robin: Down and off. Down and pull off, Down and…

Liam/Batman: There is leftover crust to make an ‘L’ and an ‘A’ to put on the top of the pie (Please don’t eat my ‘L this time, gramma!)

In the oven… smells yummy!

The first entry in the Batman & Robin cookbook is ‘Awesome Apple Pie.’

It is, too!