Migraines suck. Migraines that take multiple doses of toxic-level pharmaceuticals to recede *at all* suck big time.   Guess which one I had today? Since I am posting, you can assume it has slunk to a distance.

Sometimes they grow on me. Sometimes I start the day with a minor sinus headache, and not quite enough sleep, and it mushrooms from there. That would be today. I crawled home… and collapsed with the meds, a cold compress, and a quilt. It took three hours, but I am now pain-free.

I am also wide awake now (if a mite fuzzy headed), when I should be in bed sleeping. This means I will be somewhat sleep-deprived again tomorrow (sigh).

I blame work for the increase in migraine frequency.  The rest of my life is hunky dory!

Maeve at One Week

Docious at One Week