All parents I have ever encountered agonize over naming their children. Hours are spent on debate. Books are withdrawn from the library, ordered on the internet, and surreptitiously referenced in bookstores. Pros and Cons are listed for each name option. Relatives, co-workers, and friends are polled (Felix or Philip? Cathrine, Cathryn, Katherine, or Kathryn?).

This all goes to hell in a hand basket when the child actually presents themself and you discover the name you selected simply wont “do” because… well… just LOOK at them! They seem to scream “My name is Daniel, not Theodore” or “Fiona Grace fits me better than Emily Caitlin.”

In the end, regardless of the name given the child, they become themselves. Their name morphs into who they are to the world around them and to themselves. The more famous they or their parents are also affects how their name is perceived. Just ask any of the children bearing names such as “Moonbeam” or “Stryker” as a given name.

The names we struggle to make as perfect as possible usually end up as ‘Beady-eyed Betty’ (originally Beatrice). The names we hope to make as unique as our children, produce endless aggravation as they try to explain they really *do* know what their birth name is: Toni, not Antoinette, nor is it spelt as a boys name (Tony). Multiply that by all the variations one can force on name-spelling (not Jane, but Jayne for example) because it *must* be as unique as their child is!

Sometimes the given name is usurped by the name they are given by their siblings.

In that vein, we will be welcoming Docious (of Supercalifragalisiticexpialidocious fame) into our world sometime tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted on what the parents think her name is (once they decide, that is) as well as all the other newbie details. And pix. There will definitely be pix!