Answering machine light blinks.

Press Play.

“Good morning. I am calling for Stephen Woodbridge.  We are interested in interviewing him for our ‘Inside Business’ television series on GIS technologies and (his company) iMaptools. My name is Andrea Miller.  I am calling for my employer to arrange the interview. Please call (# provided).”

This message came in at 8:57 AM today.

Today at 7:37AM Stephen left for a week-long bike trip largely in non-phone areas. I left him a message on his turned-off-to-save-the-battery cell phone right after I played the message back.

He tried to call me at 8:07PM but I didn’t hear the phone due to exuberant reading and play time with grandkids.

I returned the call at 8:37PM. It is now officially a game of tag. He’s *it*.

Oh. My. Goodness.