I noticed it on my McDonald’s coffee cup (for the record, I do not like their coffee, but there were no alternatives just then). I was drinking it as I watched the ground crew shot-put my luggage up to the “air bridge” and I gotta say, there were ample examples why these workers were not basketball players, or quarterbacks.

Watching your luggage go airborne, veer to the left of the platform and tumble back down is a good way to get your dander up, your heart racing, and feel your teeth clench. Waky waky, indeed!

The return flights were um… more waky waky than anyone could have anticipated. The high point was the driver of the shuttle bus back to the airport who provided a running monologue on the buildings and landscape which was very nice. He was late, but so was my plane, so it worked out okay.

The snowball effect of running late continued so that I was in serious danger of missing my connecting flight home. I had originally moaned about the 2 hour delay but then regretted that it wasn’t longer.

While waiting on the tarmac to be released, I called DH to get my gate and departure update. Hurray! I was coming in at gate A75 and my connecting gate was A49, leaving at 10:10PM. I raced out as quickly as I could manage (memories of cattle drives and an old TV show called ‘Rawhide’ spread a grin across my face). I glanced up at the express shuttle – closed. Rats! I scurried to the series of moving sidewalks repeating the gate and time over and over in my head (A10, 10:10) and finally reached the gate, out of breath and glowing like a proverbial racehorse.

Not. my. gate.

After verifying that I should be at gate A49, not A10, I realized that I must have transposed numbers in my head. It was now 10PM. Sweating and beginning to limp, I did an about-face and now trotted along the moving sidewalk heading halfway back from where I started.


Made it! Lots of people sitting, no one boarding. And no one boarding. And no one boarding…

Outside a lovely light show played, crackled, and danced. This was the reason everything was backed up. The reason we were late deplaning from the previous aircraft, too. Something about the ground crew refusing to go outside and operate machinery during lightning or something…

We did board at 10:40 and proceeded to sit there on the tarmac for the next three-plus hours waiting for the lightning to move, waiting for our turn to take off, waiting for them to approve depareture in the direction we were headed…

I finally pulled into my driveway at a quarter to 4 in the morning. I had a 10AM dental appointment.

And you know what? It was still worth the trip! (But the waky waky has been a bit of a problem for the past day or so).