*What Would (the) Balls Do?

I mean, they are a winter white wool, embellished with sun yellow wool and red wool roving. They finished felting and were used on a cotton and linens load to great results and happy softness.

But how would they be in a load of black clothing? Black corduroy, black knit yoga and sweat pants? Black stockings and black microfiber tops?

Would they be smeared with white lint? If so, would I ever be able to get the lint out? (Do they make a Visine product for that I wonder?)

As the balls bounced and bonged against the walls, I worried and wondered if maybe this whole felted wool dryer balls project wasn’t a really *really* bad idea. I leave early tomorrow morning for a long weekend visiting mother in Florida and the contents of the black laundry load were a significant portion of my planned weekend wardrobe.

So I waited up for the dryer to finish. At a quarter to 1 in the morning I was pulling out the dried black load… NO lint! Not on the corduroy pants or the micro fiber tops or nothing! Yeah!

But the balls themselves looked a bit the worse for wear. They had a slight bit of black lint on them! The DIY wool dryer ball articles said that they might need an occasional shave to remove pilling, particularly right after they are first made. So I shaved my balls, removing the early pilling AND the smidgen of black lint at the same time.

Go me!