This is basic physics, yes? Heat rises and cold sinks. Ceiling fans are designed to take advantage of this indoor weather, whether we are wintering or summering. The blades can push the warm air that rose up to the ceiling, down to where we can enjoy it. It can pull the cooler air from the floor (or basement) up during the warmer times.

If this is so bleepin’ basic, why do people buy more heating blankets (which lie on top of you) than heated mattress pads (that are below you)?

For mumble, mumble decades I was in the former group. I put blankets on top of the heating blankets to trap the heat closer to my body. My feet would never warm up, so I wore bed socks (how sexy is that?) to bed. I was tempted to wear mittens, sometimes. I had buns of ice! Mushy, fluffy ice, but ice, nevertheless.

I kept my heating blanket for decades (literally!). I would crank it up to the highest levels just to get any heat out of the aged wires. I thought that was all there was. When looking at the price of new heating blankets I blanched and scurried on. I could deal. If I took a hot bath before bed, the residual heat of the hot water helped set me up until I fell asleep and then didn’t notice the chill until I woke up, hopefully around the time I actually had to get up anyway!

Last spring the blankets at the family farm in Vermont were replaced with electric blankets. On the lower settings they got so warm I turned them off! Oh my! Hmm… maybe mine *were* in need of replacement!

Warmer weather came, and with it, the denial regarding purchasing electric heating elements for the boudoir.

The seasons do march on, don’t they?

The January White Sale at Kohl’s offered heated bedding below the stratosphere price-wise, so I perused the selection. There was still some sticker shock, but the best sale was on a heated mattress cover.


We both love it! The footsies and toesies are warm. My buns are not-so-much the ice blocks…actually, my tush is decadently comfy and warm, even!

If MacGyver were dead, (not technically having ever been alive, how could he be?) he would have been rolling in his grave at the thought of how long it took me to apply basic physics to my sleeping tush! Then again, if MacGyver was the one who taught my basic physics class, I might actually have learned something several decades earlier that I could have applied several decades earlier!

Mmmm! Warm good!