My husband has the most amazing parking angel. It doesn’t matter where we go… Hannaford’s for food shopping… the mall for whatever… restaurants, movies, parties… the man *always* gets a terrific parking space. I consider it a perk of acquiescing all coupled driving chores to him (that, and he is a HORRIBLE back-seat driver!) (and, um… I do get a fair amount of knitting done). It is at the point that I make sure to let him know I have errands involving driving just so he has to opportunity to chime in (my momma didn’t raise no dummies).

Hubby is self-employed. His commute is from one end of our ranch-style home to the other end, where his office and server rooms are. I am not self-employed if only because someone needs to provide the health care coverage. I trudge into an office most days.

The commute isn’t too bad, generally. It takes about 20 minutes most days whether I take the highway or the scenic back roads. While I prefer the latter, it has several twisty up-and-down narrow roads. Ice, snow, and other weather events render them the least optimal route in winter. Of course, that’s when the highway during rush hour isn’t rushing anywhere. I do a lot of rehearsal singing during those commutes… better that than mentally hurling invectives at ‘entitled’ others on the roads with me.

However, this can make me later for work than I prefer. The company parking lot has plenty of room (easily accommodating 100+ cars in the front lot alone), but the preferred spots are in the first row or two directly in front of our building. I like to park by the next-to-furthest lamp in the front row, just driving straight in and then straight out again at the end of the day. My eggyolk-yellow Focus is a bright spot in an otherwise dreary view.

Why is it that when I am late and have to park behind another car, and I get out at night later than most in the building, with only handful of cars still left in the lot… I am still BEHIND another vehicle and have to b-a-c-k u-p and then drive out??

It is a scenario that only Mr. Bean could empathize with!