Winter has been more wintery-ish this year. Well, last year was winter-y, too, but the times before that were decidedly NOT so wintery. There was the cold part, but not-so-much the snow-and-ice part. Mostly they were extended periods of dreary wretchedness.

This year has definitely declared winter in no uncertain terms, and far before the calendar declaration of the season, no less. I am *so* ready to be finished with winter. In a fit of denial I took a ready-set-go pile of snow in my front yard and created a sand castle made of snow. Icicles were snapped off roof lines for the turrets. Desiccated Brown-Eyed Susan flower heads were scarfed for ‘trees’ lining the moat and roads into the castle.

Snow Castle

Oh yeah… I need sun. I need warmth*. I need to be able to walk outside without donning 40-bazillion layers of apparel to cocoon me from the elements.

*About that warmth thing? After two years of frickin’ freezing at work, wearing wrist warmers, cowls, extra sweaters, wraps and even foot warmers… they finally found the thermostat. In my cube for the past two weeks it has been between 74 and 76 degrees. I am wearing wool. I am wearing turtlenecks and thermal tights and I AM DYING OF THE HEAT! I bundle up to get to work and steadily strip as far as socially acceptable the rest of the day….