The proverbial “they” say to ‘take it one thing at a time’ but so many things have been ganging up on me that I’m considering charging entrance fees or rent or something. Whenever I get cocky, thinking I am handling the stress and multitude of changes well, reality bites back with …well… reality.

I have a job. I am grateful I have a job. I (generally and for the most part) enjoy my job. But DAMN it is a different animal these days!

My department was sliced and diced by 50% last August. There hasn’t been a day gone by that I didn’t curse complain miss those co-workers no longer here. The people are sorely missed. The job functions they provided are greatly missed as well. I mean, the work load did not change. The new powers-that-be must have thought elves would handle the complicated direct mail lists, list selections, lettershop schedules, and coordinated fulfillments. Those same elves must be responsible for the plethora of copy writing required for the new marketing plans. The remaining people go around with this glassy-eyed deer-in-the-headlights stare, twitchy and jumpy at the rapidly incoming changes, edits, and revisions constantly mucking with print deliverables and their due dates.

It’s exciting. It’s challenging. It’s scary and exhausting as all get-out!

…and On…

wrinkled teeth

My teeth are old and wrinkled? Who knew? (Exactly *how* do you ‘defy’ aging teeth?)

The current senior citizen discounts now state ’65 & above’. When I dropped off my dry cleaning last weekend I was given the senior discount without being asked for proof of age. That extra 10% discount made me feel so OLD (I’m not even 60 for pete’s sake!) …especially when it was proffered not by a teenybopper but by a middle-aged female.

…whether you want it to or not…

Life is terminal. No one gets out of it alive (although there was this prophet in the old testiment who didn’t actually die before ascending into heaven, but I digress…). I just wish that I could be more cheerful at their ascension into heaven. Debo was a precious person who added so much to my life just by her living. She shared humor, compassion, birding, tact, photography… and I want to keep gorging on her existence but… she died. No more new memories. How I miss her!

…whether you are having fun or (definitely) not…

I have been knitting up a storm lately. I completed an impressive pile of projects for Christmas but because they were presents, I didn’t take photos or post them because some of the recipients occasionally read this. Now I am left with no photos at all of my stress-coping-du-jour. I did a lace cowl with beads, several fingerless mitts (aka wrist warmers), pairs of socks for the grandsons, scarves, mittens, hats, lace scarves, and fuzzy cowls.

Knitting was my form of denial this fall. Work is not hard. Knit. Work is not crazy. Knit. People are not dealing with cancer and chemo treatments. Knit more. Family and friends out of work? Knit. Knit more. Knit for charity. Knit instead of sleep. Knit until fingers cramp and swell.

Then get into a bubble bath to read the latest Yarn Harlot book and crawl into bed, promising not to oversleep…and of course I do.

Today was a productive, good day. I am still ‘way the heck behind in deliverables, but I made progress, even completing two major to-do’s despite phone, e-mail, and tech-support (that’s me) interruptions, not to mention two-hour meetings. Days like today sponge optimism on my calendar.