This is more a novelty than you might think. I haven’t read a pure for-the-fun-of-it story since I can’t remember when. There have been audio books to listen to. There have been tech manuals, user manuals, industry reading, catalogs galore, knitting patterns, blogs, weather reports, and the TV Guide online… but no hold-in-your-hands books. No lounge-in-the-bath novels.

It was a quick read. A fun, romp of a book, “Lady, My Life as a Bitch” by Melvin Burgess. The uncorrected proof (not for resale) was in our company cafeteria book swap. The concept amused me—a wild 17-year-old suddenly changed into a dog by a drunk who became a drunk because of his unfortunate tendency to change people into dogs when he was angry with them.

The main character is a selfish, thoughtless, hedonistic wild-child. She’s only fully human for chapter one, although she tries very hard to regain human traits towards the end of the book in order to regain her family’s trust and recognition. This guy *knows* dogs. I wonder what a conversation between Cesar Millan and Melvin Burgess would be like? They both totally understand the concept of “now” that the whole of a dog’s life is lived in.

I miss taking time to read books. I seriously have to re-prioritize my time to include more of the hold-in-your-hands indulgence.

Read any good books lately? Tell me!

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