After all this time, you’d think I’d finally catch on and not do dumb things like this. I confidently venture forth into the unknown assuming I actually *do* know what is in my path when the truth is, I don’t. My imagination populates dark areas with all sorts of traps, blundering bog holes, and vast areas of gravity pockets. I prefer to see where I am and where I am going…even if the imagined perils are real, if I actually can see them, I can deal with or circumvent them. The road in front of me should be liberally festooned with signs (do NOT assume you know where you are in space and time — look where you are going!) and running lights for those times when I neglect to read the signs.

I was sorting junk mail (yes I sort junk mail into piles: ‘just look’ and ‘no fricking way will I order from this’ — the latter pile usually has to go through the first pile at least once to get put into the second pile). The TV was on for season premier of ‘BONES’ and every other commercial break I would get up and take pile #2 to the recycling basket in the front room.

You know I have puppies, right? You know how puppies can be just like small children with the constant “Look at me! Look at me! Are you watching? Did you see? Look! Look!” Craving attention leads to all sorts of attention-getting shenanigans when they bark-announce “Look! A bird! Look! People walking by…with a DOG!!!” from their window couch positions in the front room. Duncan is so intense his backside quivers and vibrates. Dixie adds her “Woo-woo!” and generally it gets so loud that even two rooms away I can’t hear the TV I am right in front of. I have to get up, order them out of the front room, and loosely place a baby gate across the room entryway. After a while I remove it again so they can try to watch without barking insanely.

The 2-hour season premier is over. It is now dark in all areas of the house except for the room where I am. I gather up pile #2 and confidently walk through the dimly lit kitchen area to the front room and…

…trip over the baby gate that I didn’t see in the dark, having forgotten I had put it there a mere hour previously. Lights would have helped. The electric bill was paid and I could have flicked a switch at any point in my journey through the kitchen. Mindlessness… an often painful event for me.

The crash brought the puppies running…to the couch first to check outside the front window, and then to me, rolling and snarling on the floor. Playtime! Except I wasn’t making play noises. My right knee took the brunt of the fall on the wooden baby gate. When I could stand (oh my stars that hurt!), I limped to the freezer, got an ice pack for my knee, and sat and watched the news for 20 minutes, accepting sympathy licks from the puppies.

Today the knee is stiff and sore. The bruise probably won’t show up until tomorrow so I’m wearing a dress while I can. Tomorrow I’ll start wearing slacks at work until the worst of the discoloration leaves. Some people plan their wardrobe around the weather. Mine is also complicated by what can I wear that minimizes the latest batch of bruises so I don’t scare small children and co-workers.