Bird HousesDSis began the Open Mic at the Bird House three years ago. It has gotten better every year. Exponentially.

In keeping with the theme, she found several wood birdhouses (augmenting the many already there) to paint in the whimsey style of her yard. Mother got them all primed. She is a night owl who experiences several unplanned, unintentional, micro sleep events during the day, but once the sun goes down, she is wired for the night!

So we painted, embellished, and otherwise adorned a couple of them. They graced the yard, but apparently my camera did not take the photos I thought I was taking of them… or maybe it wasn’t my camera. Not sure. Moving on…

Arghh! My sore throat was only marginally improved but that was okay. The sign-up board filled quickly with over 25 performers, so my part wasn’t missed. *I* missed doing it, but that’s life and next year WILL come and I will be very prepared, right?

Ieva One of the opening sets was Ieva who can make violin strings do sumersaults, dance, soar, and catapault the sheer delight of music into your skin. What a treat! I hate it when those sets end, but there was a limit of 3 selections or 15 minutes, whichever came first, in order to allow all who signed up to present before 1:00am. It was close, I tell you!

Accapella TrioDSis is part of an accapella group at St. Marks. Their selections were *amazing*! Tight harmonies, totally terrific timpani, and spot-on rhythm. Good stuff!

Jeff GuitarJeff was in high demand as an accompanist. I was hoping to snag him for me, sore throat and all, but it was hard to fit in a practice with him setting up the lights, the sound stage, prepping the yard, and the BBQ area. A short, well-deserved snooze before the mayhem was something I didn’t want to intrude on.

DougJeff isn’t the only talented musician in his family. His brother Doug also has considerable skill with strings and voice.

We followed this amazing evening with an afternoon in a pool. What a relaxing way to end a frenetic weekend! I felt totally relaxed, sated in sound with a perpetual smile on my face for hours. Let me tell you, that really helped during the hour-plus I spent on the tarmac waiting to get homeward-bound in the skies!

And this past weekend I spent time at my favorite Lowell Folk Festival but I have to admit, I spent more time walking the streets admiring the various wares than I did pausing at the musical treats. Our local cable treated us to live feeds of the various musicians so I was able to enjoy far more than I ever would have in person! I could hear the musicians as I walked around enjoying the fresh veggie stands. I was fascinated by the sour melons, but I didn’t buy any! I did buy a pound of fresh peas so I would recognize mine when they were ready to pick…and because I love fresh peas, of course.

I have lovely pix of course, but it is abysmally late, so you’lll just have to wait until next time to see the sour melons, the odd architecture, and my amazing harvest haul!