The Garden Queen

Her Humble Beginnings

bEFORE In the beginning of the garden

empty harvest CCR HarvestIn our work garden I see many, many plants at various stages of development and de-development as the critters come and sample the wares. My neighboring gardener has been happily harvesting her crops. Me? Not so much.

string bean bonanzapractically peasFirst, a veritable bean bonanza, and then, practically peas.

It is amazing (almost actual magic!) that I plant little round seeds in the ground, and they grow into plants that are themselves creating round little seeds.

baby zucchiniDespite many flowers, no vegetable growth was apparent on the zucchini plants for some time. On Friday, a small, slender swelling in the distinctive green was spotted. A whisper of a maybe wannabe zuke was also noted on another plant, but one couldn’t be quite sure. Fringing the garden are many blackberry shrubs. For once, they were not eaten by birds or other wild and impolite critters. They are actually a lot of them ripened on the vines. I race to gather and ingest the best, the most, the sweetest…but my hands were full of zukes, so my harvest attempts were feeble. A co-worker had the foresight to bring a container for her harvesting. She raked in a lovely haul of berries.

A weekend is only two days long. Granted, it was brightly sunny, hot, and humid both days, which are generally excellent growing conditions.

But such a bonanza of zukes! The garden lady (above) wears hers well, yes? More coming!

A late-planted vine is asserting itself as a cucumber plant. The peppers, alas, have thoroughly quit this world.

Bird House Logo 2008The Weekend Past…

A post of my weekend needs more time to recover. It was splendid, no question about it. Not what I thought it was going to be, but life rarely is, don’cha know?