(but not this kind!)

Have you ever noticed that when one aspect of your life truly sucks, the other areas chime in? Then you end up in this global pity parade of grump, with each item trying to trump the other in which is worse. It escalates to the point where the initial irritation is lost in the staggering pile of whine.

Temp Directory
I put all my downloads there. This includes all the downloaded installation files, each in their own folder, mostly. This is the folder that crashed my (only!) 4-yr-old laptop, corrupting it to the point where it would crash to black without notice at anytime. No “blue screen of death” intermediary, just a blank black screen. It reboots fine with no errors, programs run, etc…but not for long.

The Newbie
The newbie is silky-shiny. It collects fingerprints like nobody’s bizness. The back hinge is stiffly new to raise. The screen colors are vibrant and pretty. Everything is in a different place… it is Vista because there was *no* choice.

It doesn’t like our e-mail set-up and complains righteously about the (totally legal but no-name brand) certificate. Grudgingly it collects and sends e-mail with the .pst file settings of my former laptop. It allowed me to add my contact list. It forgot my time zone a couple of times so the reminders and date stamps were all screwy.

The newbie has a brand-new install of Microsoft Professional 2007. I cannot find my install disks for Studio 8 or Acrobat Pro. That put another crimp in the delivery of the overdue summer edition of the family newsletter to the press. Those programs are on the old laptop…the one that crashes.

We think the disks are somewhere in the server room which is also where we have stored the boxes and boxes of books, knickknacks, photos, etc. from the living room redo of last…um…December? I have unpacked many, but…there is still a wall of HEAVY boxes blocking us from the shelves of CDs where we are most likely to find the missing disks…

The Work Garden Report
This also is the pits. I still have a few plants to put in from the last batch given to me. I have been slowly working at it after work on those days when a) I am not supposed to be somewhere else and b) the weather permits. I have had exactly TWO times that met those criteria in the past 10 days. My neighbor’s peas are tendrilling upwards, sprouting flowers and miniature pea pods. Mine are grabbing and goosing each other lower on the strings and not climbing much at all, despite my cursing encouraging words and clumsy tender adjustments.

A critter is in there. This garden is walled with 2 kinds of wire fencing, an electric outer fence, a locking gate (I don’t think that is for the critters, but you never know!), AND they put in a wire grid down to the soil line of the outer fence. Persistent little bugger. It is eating whole string bean leaves down to nubs on the stalk. The big plastic owl-on-a-stick in the middle of the work garden does not appear to discourage them in the least. I added a motion-sensing smaller owl that goes “Whoo! Whoo-hoo!” when it senses something. I wonder if I can increase the volume on the bleepin’ thing? Or not. It is disconcerting enough to hear it go off every time my rump passes by it when weeding.

Home Landscape:
Weeds- 12 zillion, Grass- 16 blades
Overgrown Hedges Attack Passers-by

…uh…let’s just not go there at all, okay? Obviously, I haven’t been!

Dog Details
Jakie is visiting and giving us ample opportunities to work with Duncan’s territorial behavior problems. I think we are making progress. They do best out walking together as a pack (thank you Caesar Milan!). In the house, Duncan has been beastly about the hoofs treats. They are collected up and put back in the doggy toy bin from time to time. Then they get pawed over and pulled out to be left for unsuspecting feet to trip over. All of them are his, apparently. Not.

Their summer cut grooming is done as best we can for as long as they will put up with it. At the moment Duncan is sporting one trimmed ear and the other very NOT trimmed. And one of his front legs looks like my legs do during the winter months when I rarely bother to shave: bushy compared to the other three.

So…where does that leave me? Oh right…how to get the final newsletter to the printer…gotcha.