One of the more unusual odd interesting memories of the weekend was listening to two Philippine women sing gorgeous harmony…in Spanish.

Another was…well… did you ever see the movie ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’? It was a traveling show of transvestites in Australia. Damn, could they put on make-up! Anyway, one of the performers reminded me so strongly of the characters in that movie… Junoesque and impressive make-up skills! I was so impressed by the make-up I don’t remember what her singing was like.

Susan does cameraBut Susan was AWESOME! Her voice is really doing well. She wore false eyelashes for the first time and they were perfect for the fifties duet she did.

DSis was a hoot and a half doing ‘Cabaret’… she had the character and entertainment presence to really capture the audience. I loved it! She does well with her props, too!

The evening rounded out at a piano bar down the street where we heard the afore-mentioned harmony in Spanish. Susan Bartell sang a song she wrote called “Look At That Smile on the Moon” which is one I wish were on CD so I could hear it anytime I wanted. GREAT song with delightful lyrics sung in her bluesy, mellow, lush voice. We closed the place down. WUNDERFUL time!

I want a piano bar near ME! It was *SO* MUCH FUN!