Seriously now, how can he manage this time after time? Is he like the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz who arranges things such and so, before removing himself to allow things to unfold as he fiendishly hoped planned?

Because, you *know* that as soon as he was off on his OMMT bike ride/camping trip it was going to happen AGAIN. Furthermore, he KNEW it was going to happen because on his way out the door yesterday morning he mentioned, “oh, by the way…”

I compromise on his times away by working the morning in the office, and the afternoons at home whenever possible. My job can totally be done offsite, but then the department loses my tech support and live opinionated opinions (they wouldn’t miss much of that if they would secure a chat interface like everyone else, but I digress…).

Why such extreme measures? Because the World of the Wild knows I am an easy target. My puppies know it as well. The last time DH went away for a few days the puppies discovered a new litter of field mice hiding out in the basement and proceeded to play a complicated game of hockey/basketball/ with them. This time I was warned (see second paragraph) there was “something about the shed that interests them.”

The racket pulled me from the computer and out to see what the ruckus was about. Both Dixie and Duncan were loudly attacking the bottom corner of the shed door. I could see blood on Duncan’s mouth. It took a great deal of energy to get them AWAY from their newest hide-and-seek toy. I could only see a pair of eyes and bloody snout but I think it was the raccoon who had been hanging around. (STUPID ANIMAL!! SEE the dogs in the yard?? HEAR the dogs in the yard? Death wish much?)

I barricaded the hole in the floor of the shed from the dogs (in case they got loose before I finished cleaning up) and carefully cleaned Duncan’s muzzle area. He had no scrapes, punctures, or bleeding coming from anywhere…eww! poor raccoon. Dixie was “clean” as in, she probably found it and Duncan took over.

I barred the doggie door and called Animal Control. Budget cuts strike again. I was greeted by a recording asking for a brief message and they would get back to me later (they didn’t). I steeled myself to return to the wounded animal and see about blocking access to the area under the shed.

A) no raccoon snout visible and
B) under area of shed is pure silty sand. Any blockage I attempt will be temporary at best.

I used up a short roll of small-grid garden fencing and wrapped it around the gaping holes at one end of the shed, tossed bricks along the rest of the baseline, and prayed as I let the dogs out to do their bizness. They checked the shed but didn’t go berserk.

When DH called later that evening to report on his fabulous day…