Would you believe this? I couldn’t capture it on an image, so I took a short video to prove we still have “snow” up here. We also have a very bad pollen season (duh!) coating everything, drifting off the trees on clumpy clouds of yellow-ish fog. I choke on it. Literally.

If you don’t see the video, try this link.

The BEFORE pictureOn the positive side, I did get some of my work garden planted. Here is the obligatory “before”image. I searched several (many, many, MANY) places (really, a lot of places) for peas seedlings. No gots. Well one place did “got” but they were overgrown in their mini pots to the point of dying and drying out in them. No longer ‘gots’ but really quite ‘gone.’

What *is* in the garden are four string bean plants, four zucchinis (I am a very slow learner, what can I say?), six cherry tomato plants (I thought there were four so I made four evenly spaced holes, and then I just sucked up the extra two), and (because I am a persistent and insistent person) I planted peas seeds from a package I have had from last year. Yup, I am the poster child for the ‘hope springs eternal’ and ‘self-delusion’ groups.

Most of the prep work and initial planting were done before work on Monday. When I left on Friday the water had not been turned on for the garden so I brought all my water for planting in with me on Monday just in case. They did the water hook-up after I lugged the water-filled jugs from home to my plot in the middle-back and before I actually needed much. The tomatoes and peas were put in after work when I couldn’t find my hat and the sun was so glar-y and bright I thought I would go blind with squinting.

An “after planting” pix is on the “to do” list. I was too dirty to handle a camera!

There *was* a hat in the car. The black “smart” hat. The black that was “this year’s pink”…yes, you guessed it. The wide-brimmed witches hat I have had for years has been languishing in my car since last fall. It worked, but I had to giggle at the image I made in black slacks and black sleeveless top topped by a full-size, pointy chapeau. Other cars leaving work slowed down to wave at me. I am fairly sure they weren’t smiling *with* me at that point. I was swatting and cursing mosquitoes as I bent over in the garden.

Actually, I have been seeing a LOT of people’s bent over backsides lately. The continued fair weather has fanned the flames of fantasy in every gardener’s heart. Lawns are sprouting new azaleas, hydrangeas, mulch, vegetable gardens, with actual landscaping-like layouts. Dandelions are vigorously attacked, uprooted, and sprayed. Weeds in flower beds are banished to compost piles. For some reason, all of these activities seem to involve displaying rumps street-side. I see backsides right, left and sideways! (Yes, I am one of the original members of the Center for the Easiy Amused.)