…was a plea for people to harness their collective bargaining power in order to return gas prices to the $1.30 range (definitely a case of ‘hope springs eternal,’ but I digress…) by not purchasing from the two largest, record-breaking profiteers, Exxon and Mobil (which are now the same company?). I have not purchased gas from them since the oil spill fiasco in the 1970s unless I absolutely had no other choice. Even then, I only purchase enough to get to a different gas station.

People are now being much more conservative in gas consumption. The reports for April gas consumption showed the first decrease since the turn-of-the-century dot-com-bust affected the incomes of so many.

The market report on WBZ news radio last week mentioned a minor blip in the escalating price of oil barrels where it peaked at $130, dipped down a couple dollars, before rising to $129 and change.

Ya know, I don’t think those two things are unrelated.

Basically, what this group is proposing is instigating a price war. When Exxon and Mobil experience a sharp drop in sales (because everyone you tell about this may as well jump on the bandwagon when you point out Exxon and Mobil charge the most for gas, anyway!) they will be inclined to reduce their prices to encourage customers to return. If they reduce their prices, the other companies will have to follow suit.

At this point in the e-mail they start doing the whole math thing of “if you tell 10 friends and they tell ten friends… and so on and so on…” by the time the message reaches the 6th group of people (possible in even eight days) over THREE MILLION consumers will have been notified of the plan.

So, now I have told you. How many will you tell?