“It Is Finished!”, she cried.

a sweater for mother Stick a fork in it, for it is well and truly DONE. Not “almost.” Not “except for…” Fini.

This Labor of Love deserves the capital letters because a) it is for my mother (the second “L” word), and b) it is a full-size cardigan with custom fittings, pockets, and a button band that required over 80″ of seaming to attach it to the body of the sweater (those are the first “L” word).

Now…about actually getting it *in* the mail…ahem…punctuality and speediness are not generally my best character traits. Why do you think it took this long to finish it? Yes, I know it is steamy and hot right now in Florida where she lives, but some days are cooler in the evenings than others. And the fall season will come again and she will be prepared!