Imagine yourself an intrepid adventurer/explorer who prefers the Arctic regions to the steamy jungles of Peru. You brave the frigid winds, expertly guiding your team of sled dogs and equally intrepid clients across miles of frozen tundra, carrying all your supplies with you (Motel 6 and the Marriott hotel chains have not expanded into this virgin territory – not even McDonalds!)

You have written a book on your adventures. You are photographed and written up in magazines. You live a charmed life, jetting where there is no snow to visit family and friends on the rare occasions you managed to tear yourself away from your work.

On the plane you open up the airline magazine…

Matty McNair, Arctic Adventurer Extraordinaire!

None of the other passengers notice they are sitting with the not-so-rich-but-in-certain-circles- truly-famous!

* I realized after this was posted that I did not explain my connection to Matty. She is a cousin-by-marriage and I met her initially up at the Farm back when I was in High School and first going out with DH. A real, honest-to-goodness adventurer even then!

Non Sequitur…

Sing! Dance! Lazy crackers...The 25th Westford Chorus concert season ended with a smorgasbord potluck party. On one of the tables groaning with the weight of Food, Fabulous Food! (go ahead..sing it from “Oliver!” We did!) was this box of crackers. I watched it from a discrete distance for some time to see if it did any tricks or sang any songs. Nope. Obviously the people who named these crackers have a MUCH lower expectation for entertainment than I do!