Like the War of the Roses, this one flares up in varying intensity from time to time, laying dormant for long stretches and then resuming with vigor.

I can sleep at any time. I prefer dimly lit surroundings, but I can just as easily wonk out in full sunlight, wallowing in the warmth like a sated cat.

My beloved has difficulty sleeping in anything but near-total darkness. In contrast to that, he is a very light sleeper, aware of noises (except his own), and changes in puppy locations (which is a good thing when they are having tummy troubles!). Only full darkness and silence allow him to eventually fall back to sleep.

While I can slumber in almost any lighting, waking me up really needs actual LIGHT. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I have had. I need light, and preferably sunlight, to wake-up and leave our bed. I had little difficulty getting up when I was responsible for getting someone else out the door or to the train. Without those external stimuli, I _need_ morning light to pull me out of bed.

You can see where this can lead, yes?

For the past many years, DH and I have been on different rising schedules. DH telecommuted to a Chicago office for several years. He would meander down the hall (yes, in his jammies) to his office around 8:30 or so and be working before any of his co-workers in their one-hour-behind-us time zone even got to the physical office. Now he runs his own business (and very well, too, thank you very much!) from home, and his hours are similar. (I told someone else he has “mother’s hours” – you know, 24/7 – DH does love what he does for a living.)

I am scheduled to be at the office by 8AM …or 8:30 at the latest. The whole “make me late for work” thing is nice, but honestly, that is not the reason I am late getting to work most days. Most days it is because I am shrouded in darkness in a room lined with room-darkening shades.

A revolt is definitely in the works. I am seriously considering becoming nocturnally bi-coastal. I generally get up at some point during the night to use the bathroom. Once up, I may as well meander down the hall to the guest bedroom at the other end of the house. The one with all the shades open. I could finish my slumber there. Then again, on those nights of insomnia, I can rest with a book, and not have to worry about disturbing DH’s sleep.

The thing is, when I stumble to the loo in the middle of the night, I am not generally thinking well enough to remember the bi-coastal plan.