WICKEDThe birthday present for DD was almost a year late. We did try last November but the stage hand strike put the kibosh on it. Then it took a bit to find a compatible date between the two of us. All this fuss and bother and expense? *SO* totally worth it! I have enjoyed the cast musical CD and (I sang along silently – I hope!) this lived up to all my imaginations and then some. Glinda (“the ‘Ga’ is silent”) was the perfect Valley Airhead, and Elphaba was a perfect hippy peace-nik, earnest in her attempts. GO SEE IT.

Green NailsThe weather – was wicked warm so my original outfit underwent major adjustments, skimming down to a white tee, embroidered jeans and a marvelous necklace by Kate. We both had green fingernails, natch.

calorie menuThe train – wicked late getting into NYC – all the incoming and outgoing trains were using a single track. We had to stay off to the side as (we counted ’em) FIVE trains left NYC before we could get into the station. This seriously crimped our plans for a nice theatre luncheon. We found a cafeteria-style (sorta) restaurant next to the theater which featured menus up above, showing both the calories and the cost of each item. – wicked weird –

Afterwards, back in NJ, Susan treated me to dinner at Everything Asia (I think that was the name) for my birthday. Awesome food, excellent service and marvelous company.

Wicked BonfireWicked Fun – The bonfire at my sisters. Her DH is somewhat of a pyromaniac. Ahem. After the fire became approachable we played a variation of Orijins. Grand, fun word game. We likes those.

Wicked ow – Sunday Brunch by the river…We had window seats and everything! I don’t know what was in the potato pancakes I ate but I was slammed with a migraine shortly after. The overcast skies and glare did not help. Light hurt my poor eyes, which are unable to constrict the pupils small enough to cope with the glare. I squint. I wear hats with brims and sunglasses. I take pain meds that do not interfere with driving. They do not work.

Just plain wicked – Traveling Traffic – NYC & the Pope – I was relying on the GPS to get me home the quickest way possible and I kept hitting the detour button a zillion times hoping to avoid traveling through NYC….so it took me by Yankee Stadium…traffic backed up the whazzoo because the Pope was visiting and giving an appearance there. Not exactly a speedy route.

More wicked ow – Migraine affects my brain big time. As in, it doesn’t work. I was happy to drive along the Merrimack Parkway. It was pretty and all. The landscape was greening up very nicely and gave me an early view of what was in store at home in another week or so. I admit it was lost on me for the most part. Mostly I gritted my teeth and just tried to get home without crashing so I could take more appropriate meds (calling a spade a spade, they were serious DRUGS which cannot be used while operating heavy machinery,…seriously. They mean it)

I did get home at a reasonable hour, even. I said hello to DH and the puppies, took the heavy meds and crawled into bed. Four hours later I crawled out of bed and took more. The morning came too soon, a mere 10 hours later. I prayed a shower and moving about would cure the lingering ache and trucked into work. I lasted two and a half hours and had to call it quits. I crawled home and into bed again. More drugs. This new med I am taking for migraines takes up to two hours to bring relief. ARE THEY INSANE???? After taking the maximum dosage allowed I finally felt some relief and was able to gingerly leave my bed around 3 in the afternoon. I was still foggy but functional (after a fashion—I had to undo all the knitting I tried to do in that time period) and with another early night was able to return to work on Tuesday, once again back to what passes for normal (not a bad thing, actually).

Wicked UsAll in all, comparing the Wicked Bad and the Wicked Good of that weekend, I would do it again in a heartbeat to enjoy my DD, the musical, DSis and DN (dear nieces). But I’d probably pack some drugs.

Next up…A Harlotting we will go!