We are living in our very own Wildlife Kingdom. Perhaps the wild animals are as confused as the humans about how frickin’ long this winter has been. Who knows? It’s just that with two active puppies and a fully fenced-in yard, you’d think the critters would get the clue to stay out.

As if!

treed raccoon

Last week there was a racoon sitting at the base of one of the trees, scrabbling in the dirt…do they eat acorns, I wonder? We have tons all over the yard. Where was my camera? Hooray! I had remembered to charge the battery up last night! Dash downstairs, scoop it up and race back to the window, trying not to alert the puppies who were eating breakfast in front of the window where I was watching the raccoon. He (I’m assuming the racoon was a ‘he’) was calmly sitting there…until the puppies finished breakfast and noticed *something new* in the yard. They dashed out, barking a joyous chorus of woof-woofs and bark-barky-barks. I lift the camera to grab a shot of the fat and fuzzy animal climbing in an ungainly manner up the tree. Click!

‘Camera memory card full.’ displayed across the view screen. ARGHHHH!

raccoon guards

The puppies are at the tree up on their hind legs, looking for all the world like a pair of mismatched bookends. The ‘coon has settled in a notch of the tree at least two stories up to wait them out.

I am feverishly checking the contents of the camera card, which I had _not_ downloaded yet, for images to trash. I quickly chose 3 or 4 and re-pointed the camera at my kodak moment.

The kodak moment had up and gone. Dixie and Duncan were now circling the tree, snuffling at the ground, looking for more raccoon scent. The raccoon wasn’t moving.

All this time I prancing about in my short nightshirt and slippers. It was too bleepin’ cold and windy to consider popping outside for a closer shot of anything.

Yesterday DH told me that we have an active vole/mole population burrowing under the fence where I have planted lots of spring-flowering bulbs. The fencing I had laid over the bulb garden to protect it from the puppies acted as a safe area for these robbing rodents. Grrrr! I love animals in nature, but not in my garden!


This morning I saw a wild turkey resting on the ground at the front side corner of our yard. It was the front side corner that was *inside* the fenced-in area. Being dogs, our puppies were focusing on food first (breakfast). Ever-optimistic, I snatched my camera and tried to take a few shots. They didn’t come out too well, but apparently the first flash of the camera was noticed by the big turkey bird. He slowly rose and began ambling across the yard, just as the puppies finished breakfast.

The puppies flew out the door, uncharacteristically quiet as they raced to investigate. The turkey lengthened stride and finally lifted off the ground, just barely clearing the 5′ fence in very slow flight.

These incidents, while entertaining and all that, have not been conducive to my getting to work on time.