Jelly bean basket

How can something that is only 4 calories cause you to gain weight?

The answer is that if you eat enough of them, even healthy food items will pack on the pounds. Jelly beans just do it faster without the conflict of pretending to be good for your body.

What WAS I thinking???

When I kept adding packages of sugar-laden easter basket treats to my shopping cart, I told myself that it was for Philip. He is stationed over in Korea and what do they know about proper Easter baskets?? Well, after I filled the large plastic eggs with a variety of candies and posted the box, I continued purchasing easter candy because I was thinking “we” deserved a basket, too. Not that I sent over all I had purchased before. It didn’t all fit into the large 6 or 8 plastic eggs I sent him. Not being a dummy, I purchased candies I knew *I* liked as well… Jolly Rancher jelly beans, Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans (I do love me those jelly beans!), peanut-butter-filled m&m’s, peanut-filled m&m’s, gummy bears (okay, I was hoping he liked those because they are not one of my favorites—my mother loves them, and so does Jess; Jess got the left-over’s on those).

Phil did not get the mini Snickers bars. I like them too much to share.

When Easter morning came and I emptied all the easter candy into the big basket, I realized just how far overboard I had gone. Oh My Goodness!!! There was enough for at last SIX candy-holic baskets. I got a sugar rush just smelling it as I poured the bags into the basket.

I brought half of the stash into work on Tuesday. On Thursday (oh, right…that was today) I brought in quite a bit more. The level has dropped considerably. I am sharing my addiction with the rest of the office staff. Some are more helpful than others in depleting the stuff than others. No matter. I appreciate all the help I get! (Including the fact that the small Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans are only 4 calories apiece!)