Aidan in Jelly Bean Sweater open weave close-up

I saw this yarn at my LYS and it screamed “I am Liam’s sweater.” I was not there for yarn. I was there for double-pointed needles for my mother’s cardigan. It persisted, “Liam sweater!”

I chose an open-weave cable for the center front of this raglan sleeve pattern. It is more “macho” than a regular cable, yes? Well, more gender neutral than a true cable would be, at any rate. I added a close-up, below, of the open weave cable for reference. I love patterns that look complicated but are really not so much!

Yarns lie. It was an Aidan sweater.

Actually, Liam wasn’t interested in it as I was working on it and couldn’t be bothered to be fitted for it. I took a best guess and… was grateful that it fits Aidan so well. It looks great on Aidan, as a matter of fact.

As I finished the sweater, DH asked if I was going to block it. Since I was concerned about the sizing, I answered that yes, I was. He reached back into a pile of boxes in his office and extracted one for me. “Maybe this will help”, he said.

Oh wow, Oh WOW! An early birthday present with real blocking tools! AND inside the box were FOUR plastic zippered projects bags, AND two patterns books PLUS and additional pattern I had been hankering after.

Yes, DH is a sweetie for remembering and getting these. He said it was VERY HARD to keep it quiet till our birthday… which would explain why I got it two weeks early!