Green Eggs and Ham Quiche

I made green eggs and ham this weekend. It was my very first attempt at making quiche and we were both quite pleased with the outcome. We were both so pleased that I had to take this picture quick before it was all gone!

I have resisted making quiche because I thought it was much too involved and difficult and when you needed lots of empty eggshells for the Egg Tree, it was just easier to make scrambled eggs. One year we were so ‘egged out’ food-wise that we decreed the eggshell contents were “craft supplies” and tossed them. Craft supplies waste we understand…the mounds of paper snippets, yarn ends, leftover doily scraps, etc., are all swept unceremoniously into the trash in the cleaning up aftermath. (The eggs were tossed into the toilet, but you see what I mean—we needed the egg shells for the Egg Trees.)

Another example of “craft supplies”: My sister enjoys cutting colored wine bottles into colored-glass-bead-festooned candle holders, and sunlight decorations on trees. A particularly beautiful blue (full) wine bottle she was eying was a recent sacrifice. (Don’t be silly! Of course she drank it! We don’t waste WINE! I hear it was very good BTW.) I love her Sparkly Danglies, too!

Dying Eggs

We trekked up to see the ‘kids’ (both over the legal age, but still ‘kids’ to us) and grandkids, carting a box full of egg-tree-making supplies, embellishments and examples. Only five empty shells made it to the dying pots this year (from my quiche and DH’s two dozen peanut butter and m&m cookies). Fortunately, decorated ones saved from previous years will ensure my tree will not be barren. We boiled up a bunch more eggs for the baskets. There will be a LOT of egg salad supplies very very soon! Only four people were actively dying the eggs, the others were supervisors and cheering squad (note the smallest cheer-leader in a backpack).

I dye eggs, too

Yes. I dye. Eggs, hair, fingers…

Finishing touches will be added Wednesday after dinner. Pix will follow.