As shelties go, Jake is not too noisy when he visits our house. My brother and his wife had a pair of shelties once that would NOT shut up…yap-yapping all the livelong day (and night, I heard). I do not believe in de-barking surgery, but in some cases, I can understand why it might have been considered. Those two were debarked and all you heard from them was a non-stop hoarse rasping “ar! ar!” sound as they herded circles around you. It was still annoying but not as loud.

Since Jakie cannot bark with something in his mouth (and he loves to have something in his mouth to squeak and shake) I have responded to his welcome-home barking with “Stuff a sock in it, Jakie” at which he would obligingly shut up and proceed to pogo bounce straight up from the floor to my chin in a sheltie welcome dance.

Last night as I came up the walk he was on the couch looking through the front window with the other two. When I opened the door he was at the back of our puppy pack (a puppy pack of three–but they sound like more sometimes) with a stuffed toy in his mouth. He looked at me waiting for my usual greeting to him. He shook his toy and bounced.

So I petted HIM first. And told him what a good quiet boy he was.

This endearing moment was shoved aside (literally) by the other two, Dixie and Duncan. Dixie sat at my feet and shoved her snout into my hands, adding a handshake paw just in case I didn’t see her RIGHT THERE. Duncan plunked his butt on my toes and wiggled backwards into my legs to get his homecoming petting and attention.

Pure bliss. Surrounded by (mostly quiet) puppies.

In totally unrelated news… it was Friday after a VERY LONG week at work. The mail brought me a new mini camera, the Canon SD1000. This is the camera that will go everywhere with me. It is small, light, takes decent pix and is very durable. That is important for when I drop it in my bag instead of a camera case.

MORE TOYS! My grapevine sock kit came, too. I swear… between books, yarn, needles and the like, the Yarn Harlot has been responsible for me purchasing most of what I have done in the past six months. I hope she gets a commission. This is the sock pattern with the unusual inverted wineglass heel. I stared and stared at the photos and could NOT figure the pattern out. I can’t wait to start these admittedly fiddly (Yarn Harlot said so and I believe her) socks.