Some could not bear to watch.


There were tears in eyes that looked away, unable to bear witnessing the destruction.


I wasn’t as nonchalant as I tried to appear, with my arms flailing a backstroke. It had to be done. Oh! Mercy! it was so painful!


But you see, they were never going to be a true pair, more like fraternal twins that would have been hidden away instead of paraded out for show. No matter how pretty the colors, or fine the stitch pattern, (what did you think I was talking about?) they simply needed a serious do-over.


back to the ballsIt may have been that the first sock was mainly knit BEFORE I broke my foot, while the second, shrimp version was done after. Increased tension mayhap’s? Or maybe it was that the needles of the first pair and the needles of the second pair were not the same. I had broken one on the plane, and ordered a new set. The second sock was knit entirely with the new set. I am having trouble now, seeing the difference between a 2.25mm needle, 2.5mm needle, and a 2.75mm needle. The needle sizing tool I have covers American sizes only. It has only ONE size 2 hole. I know I ordered 2.25mm needles, thinking that was the size I used before. Now I am thinking I was using a 2.5mm dpn. It took me until AFTER I took the pictures of the two socks together to realize… hey… wait a minute… they aren’t the same size…

The consensus at work is that the yarn really wants to be a scarf, not socks. I’ll think on it.