snow-covered tree face and on…

and on…

and on…

A winter such as this has been really makes it hard to believe in the global-warming threats out there. PBS has shown us that the difference of only 2 degrees changes the climate enough so that tree eating bugs swarm two weeks before their natural predators wake up, devastating whole forests in a single season.

view from the front porch

Granted, a couple extra degrees warmer wouldn’t have saved us much in this snowfall except to make the snowflakes bigger and for some bizarre reason, heavier. It’s a physics thing. I never got the hang of that, even with the wonderful help of MacGyver reruns.

All money allocated to snow removal was used up before the end of December. The plow people are probably going to be paid in Monopoly money.

Duncan pops up

Duncan and Dixie are having a ball with it. They flounce and bounce through the snow and come in to show off their snow puff-ball covered legs and snouts scattering clumps of snow thither and yon inside and then bounce back out again. (“Are you watching me? Can you see me? How about now? Are you watching me now?)

DH went out and joined the gladiator sport known as “Suburban Snow Blower Chorus” where anyone who has a snow blower is called outside to see who can move the most snow, make the highest arc, the highest wall, the most chiseled path, and special points for “accidentally” spraying the snow plow that just pushed your snow back in on you, sealing your driveway yet again. (Considering they are probably going to be paid in Monopoly money, this is probably their idea of payback.)

I am glad the roads are being plowed however the drivers are being paid because tonight is a long-anticipated Grace Potter & the Nocturnals concert at the Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH. I love her bluesy, funky vocals and lyrics. They were featured in Vermont magazine last spring as native Vermont talent on the rise. Her riffs on “Nothing but the water” are a joy to wallow in. Her CD of the same name came with both a CD and DVD. The CD is designed to hook into internet extras. That kind of interactivity is disabled by default on most Windows PCs. In deactivating that feature, they also make it impossible for my laptop to auto run the music CD so I have to open iTunes or Windows Media Player first, and then select the album. This is a case of high tech overboard IMHO…or my 4-year-old laptop is too old for that kinda thing.