Not yarn See the jewel-bright colors? Like a magpie drawn to the sparkly stuff, I purchased a bag of SIX balls with visions of a lacy something for summer…a wrap, a shawl, the Coachella racer-back shell top…

I want you to know that I have tried no less than THREE projects with this yarn. I frogged them all.

It felt smooth enough when touched while still on the ball, but actually knitting with it revealed that the edges of the ribbon are scratchy, it tends to torque rapidly, and it will not hold a stitch shape, making casting on a very slow bear.

The first pattern to go frog was the Coachella. Next up was a ruana-style wrap. That one never got through row two of 132 stitches. Still determined, I cast on a shorter row only to have it slip off the needles near the end of row three.

All right, I admit neither of these patterns called for this fiber-string. But they were not rocket science or fitted patterns. I should have been able to use whatever the blazes I felt like using!

This is ridiculous. I will NOT be defeated by string, I tell you! Last up…locate a large crochet hook and do a simple crochet banner/scarf-style.

head heat by vogue casual glam DD Susan was kind enough to share pix of recently-completed items to prove I have actually completed projects. I bought one of those spool-knitter-on-steroids things and used it to make a tubular scarf. The model wears it well and evokes the varied moods of it.

Selbuvotter mitten Selbuvotter mittenI was inordinately pleased with how these mittens came out. My first ever attempt at two-color mittens used a pattern from Selbuvotter. I swear, the Yarn Harlot can knit just about anything and convince me that I, too, can create such fabulousness. I mixed up version #3 with the wrist of #14, learning how to do a rolled hem in the process. Seriously fun finishing technique. Well, I started with it, but you know what I mean!

Insideout Socks Insideout SoxThis last set totally crack me up. The pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks. You pick your sock pattern from a series of pattern repeats which go from super-easy to seriously are-you-crazy??. These were were pretty much towards the beginning of that pile. DD is modeling them INSIDE OUT. I am so impressed and proud she feels my knitting is clean enough to do that. Think of all the ends I wove in. Is she not the best, most wonderful daughter, ever??

I have another pair recently finished but in the wash (I checked. No, you do not want to see it dirty), and a new pair of the popular monkey socks OTN.

See? I have *so* been knitting!