And again…

Not that the puppies minded, of course. They bound and bounce throughout the yard and come back to say hello at the patio door before scampering off again in the piles of fresh white stuff. Come in? What for? With their feet and muzzles coated with golf-balled-sized wads of snow, they are an amusing sight.

Until they pause in pouncing outside to stop inside, hoping to encourage their humans outside for a romp.

Mind you, it is *still* snowing. I worked at home today and was grateful for the opportunity to do so since our road was a slushy, frozen mess despite the multiple plow runs. They served to smush snow to the sides but didn’t seem to be making much headway on the streets themselves. Of course, smushing it to the sides meant that the driveways recently excavated now had foot-high berms (if not higher) to navigate.

And we had just begun to see bare ground due to several days of above-freezing temps. It got above 60 one day and we were all out with light jackets open to the elements during breaks. Luxury!

I dug out the walkway and stairs. First I cleared out paths for the puppies from the decks…why, I have no idea. They don’t mind flouncing through the drifts! Hubby did the macho-thing with the snow-blower. Tomorrow it is off to the office for work.