While there are still (barely) three more days of Christmas to go (Epiphany is January 6th), I admit to being thoroughly ‘Christmassed’ out.

It’s been a wonderful holiday for me this season. I stayed home (for a change) and enjoyed waking up and celebrating the First Day of Christmas with my DH in our (finally) renovated family room. I got all the treats I longed for, and one I didn’t. DD Jess had an emergency appendectomy at 2AM Christmas morning. She is well and recovering, but it was NOT on the wish list of ANYONE, I assure you!

This giggle was in my holiday stocking this year. I have yet to plant her in water. I got a ‘Grow Your Own Boyfriend’ in the past and his size was …um…disappointing, to say the least (ahem). This one looks to be pure fun and I will check to see if she gets to be ‘600%’ size in the end. In the interests of science and all, I mean.

I live in New England. Snow is a given at some point in the holiday season. Not that it showed in significant force LAST season when I actively wished for it. This year it is here with a vengeance. We were only a fraction shy of the record snowfall for December.

I love the four seasons, but I am ready to be done with winter already, okay?