Raking Snow

We had snow early this year. Last year I really wanted it and didn’t get it. This year it is already outstaying its welcome.

I like snow. I just prefer it to last about three weeks over the Christmas and New Years celebrations, and then just quietly… leave . I also prefer it to come AFTER the bulk of the leaves have fallen so it can cover up the untidiness.

Alas, our trees are the stubborn sort which cling in denial to the brown vestiges of the previous growing season. While other trees are stark and bare throughout the winter, ours drip leaves throughout the season, not losing the last of them until the new growth actually pushes them out.

Here is early snow with leaves.

Here is early snow buried under leaves after a particularly windy day.

DH thinks “we” should rake the snow so the leaves won’t clog up the snow blower. (Dream on, sweetie. Rakes are not made for snow!)

We are warned of three consecutive winter storms this week. All of them are guaranteed to be dumping precipitation of some sort… snow, ice, rain. The one set for this weekend is being promoted as a true Nor-easter with gale-force winds. Therefore:

  • I cannot park in the driveway because the snow blower cannot get by my car
  • I need to be sure to put away my stupid girly boots (they look FABulous, but are worthless in snow or ice) and wear my galoshes with the thick tread and miles-too-big-insides so I can wear three pairs of socks inside them
  • I need to get my dry cleaning and fill up my gas tank before Friday
  • I need to make sure to do a grocery run for extra milk, batteries, and other essentials like COFFEE and popcorn
  • ibid the liquor store
  • Refill the windshield washer fluid in my car (what is in there now freezes at 28 degrees and then doesn’t pump anything… scary on the highway!)

This weekend is also the time for me to start getting out the Christmas holiday decorations. Others do it right after Thanksgiving. I wait until at least the 2nd week in Advent to do mine. We may or may not get the (live, of course!) tree this weekend, but I hope we can. I start with the other paraphernalia of Christmas like plaids on the table and red ribbons and greenery. In-coming holiday cards are displayed and outdoor decorations begin to appear about this time in our home. This year I have added a new outdoor lighting style: oversized colored bulbs on our back fence.

I take all of the Advent season and the full 12 Days of Christmas to display decorations. I enjoy building to the dual climaxes of Christmas and Epiphany. It takes me almost the same amount of time to remove the decorations, but who can blame me?

DH humors me in all of this. He even helps with the tree and the lights. He enjoys all of it, too.