The Roomba arrived. It required a 16-hour initial charge. After choir this evening it was ready to rock and roll so I took it into the room it would come to be VERY familiar with…the newly renovated TV room. The room currently has no TV in it, but eventually we will (it’s on order) have one of those uber-cool wall-mount flat-screen TVs with High Def …repeat after me: “oooh! Ahhh!”

Now this is the room that has the doggie door, which allows our puppies the freedom to exit and enter at will, bringing with them all sorts of debris from the great outdoors…sand, leaves, grass, mud, ice…you get the idea. There is no way we were ever able to keep up on the in-again, out-again track of puppy paraphernalia. The Roomba was made for Dixie and Duncan.

They were introduced to Rosie (I watched the Jefferson’s cartoon show…duh!) but it was not exactly a match made in heaven…

Friendly Dixie approached at first. She sniffed. Rosie moved. Dixie retreated, puzzled.

Dixie tried approaching from another angle while Duncan barked in the background.

It was cornered!

A closer inspection showed that it could maneuver out of corners. Duncan barked some more. Dixie wagged her tail as she retreated.

Duncan took the lead, now, trying to nip the moving object. You will notice that Duncan has already “lost” his cone collar meant to keep his stitches safe from excessive licking. I went outside to look for it on my lunch break, and later after work with a flashlight. Duncan not only “lost” his conehead, he apparently sent it into an alternate universe!

After several orders to “leave it!” Duncan did. He had to get a few nips in first. They left no mark whatsoever on Rosie.

Ten minutes of this was all I could stand. I blocked the room so Rosie could continue her job and took the puppies downstairs with me. Rosie’s maiden voyage took approximately 45 minutes. The full bin confirmed she did quite a bit of cleaning.

I think I like her. I think Rosie is going to be a wonderful addition to the family. If only we can train the puppies to accept her and not try to bark her to death or nip her nether regions.