I came home this evening to a bloody puppy. Duncan stood on the back deck waiting to be let in, a white string-like thing hanging from somewhere on his back end. Once inside, I discovered it was not a string, but a piece of wire from the garden fencing. It was embedded in his rear hip.


I removed it and looked for the damage. It needed cleaning to see what it was so I tried lukewarm water. Duncan didn’t like that at all. I didn’t like it either. While he was moving sortof okay, I figured a vet needed to clean it properly and assess the situation. Panic-stricken at the potential damage, I called our vet praying it was a late-evening-hours day. It wasn’t, but they stayed until I brought him in.

Personally, the damage was $192.00 and change. For Duncan, it was 4 needles and multiple staple-stitches in two locations. They shaved a large section of his right rear hip, and stapled the pieces back together. He will return in 2 weeks to have the staples removed.

Duncan was dopey and confused most of the evening. He had an accident in the house which he hasn’t had in probably a year or more. He does not like to lay down and keeps trying to stand, but his back legs give out after a while. The vet assured me all traces of the narcotics used would be gone in 48 hours. In the meantime, I was to keep an eye on him.

I took a flashlight outside, looking for the damaged fencing, beating myself up over the conviction that it was the new stuff I put up over the weekend that was the culprit. No. It wasn’t. It was the older fencing around the hydrangea bush that had tangled him up. I removed it. The hydrangea bush is on its own for the winter.

I missed chorus because of this (priorities being what they are).

He had one of the awful collar things put on him at the vets. Between the narcotics and the collar, he was one freaked-out puppy. As long as I was keeping such a close eye on him, I took it off once we got home. He continued to freak at doorways for another hour.

A grand time for DH to be in Chicago, n’cest pas?