You add Triple Sec, Vodka, and salt to make margaritas.

When you offer to take a gazillion plastic bags for recycling you create…

I love Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays. I held annual Pumpkin Hunts for years and invited kids and kids-at-heart to join me in creating all sorts of ‘Great Pumpkins’…I literally had them join me at pumpkins fields to select pumpkins, or scavenge them in my yard…how I miss having a ready supply of rug rats to join me in my adventures…

Sans children in the household, I took advantage of the Fall Rummage sale at my church to load up on books, wool blazers, toys (for me!) and $4 later I had amassed 5 HUGE bags of loot. Later on I was in the clean-up crew, and (insanely) offered to take the plastic bags for recycling…until I saw the mountain of plastic bags in near-perfect condition… and a wild mania dreamt a new reality for them….


Dixie and Duncan were very curious about this project of mine. Their idea of helping didn’t. I had fun stuffing my body and posing him. Finding clothes for him to wear that would survive a few weeks (I takes my time changing porch scenery) exposed to the elements. The shoes/boots I would gladly “lose” because they are only good for protecting my feet while riding on the bike. Walking in them is very ucky.

The next generation of pumpkin pals stopped by for Halloween. Aidan wore the pumpkin costume his older brother fussed so about when he wore it. Of course, Aidan didn’t have to try on an entire wardrobe of costumes, so he was much calmer about the unusual attire.

Liam had a blast. He loved his costume and he especially liked having his own flashlight outside in the dark. He flashed the sky and hollered “I see the moon! I see the leaves!” Then he would flash the flashlight left and right on the ground and announce gleefully “I see the grass!! I see the stones! I see my feet!”

He must not have been outside after dark before. Already over two years old and hitherto deprived of a childhood rite. He was having so much fun with the flashlight that it took almost 45 minutes to go to 4 neighboring houses. He chattered loudly in the street and all the way up to the doorways and then….silence. Big grin, no sound. Typical.

Being a two-year-old means you fill up your pumpkin basket and happily hand it over to mom and dad in exchange for your very own small box of raisins. Mom and dad made out very well.