Fall is coming late to the northeast. Today the temperatures were still in the 70s but the fall color has finally arrived! I get to drive to work swallowed in color that would make Maxfield Parrish gasp. Before they widened Route 3, I was able to enjoy it on the highway. Widening the highway cost us a lot of trees and soothing landscape scenery. I can’t say that the widening has improved the drive time all that much, either!

The back roads I prefer to use are also “under improvement” so getting to work has been a daily challenge to find a route that is not stagnated to the point of total inertia. However, I have to say that the extra time to enjoy the scenery *is* appreciated!

The AM/PM break time walks at work were resumed yesterday. I got to get close to the color. My dawdling didn’t bother the others…they just kept on walkin’! I managed to catch up from time to time.

Last weekend was the 10th anniversary of my husband’s company. They flew me out to California (the new headquarters) for the celebration party which I thought was on Saturday. Um…no. Get up at oh-dark-thirty on Friday morning, spend the day in travel to the west coast, and then have 2 hours to nap and gussy up for a semi-formal party on a dinner cruise ship. I enjoyed myself hugely, but hubby and I were the first to crash. My east coast time was 2:30 AM by the time I finally made it between the sheets.

They may only have one season out there in O.C. (Ocean County), but they do manage to have spectacular sunsets!