They Also Exist in Nature

There are those who love nature as long as it doesn’t inconvenience them. I think most people might come under that heading. Then we have the paranoid phobics who are freaked by garter snakes (raise your hand with me on this one) so perhaps we can have people in both groups?

When weather and work/meetings permit, we walk the perimeter of the grounds during breaks. It is the same route every time. Only “this” time, we noticed something new in our landscape.

yellow jacket nest

The choices offered by the Building Manager were to use a) a flame thrower or b) chemicals.

We all know not to use the chemicals, yes? But wouldn’t the flame thrower damage the tree? The tree which is right next to the building? I know it is concrete blocks at that point, but there are wires and paint and potentially burnables nearby, yes?

It made me think of the glass half-full or glass half-empty mind-set and the wit who suggested perhaps the glass was the wrong size to begin with. The options are wrong to begin with.