I have finally finished my DSis socks. They even fit her! Of course, she won’t be wearing socks for several months, yet, so I needn’t rush off to get them in the mail (we know how much mailing love costs!) especially since there are a few other things late for the post office and well ahead of her socks…DD’s book, for instance.

What is currently on my needles is a pair of socks FOR ME. Now there is a rarity for you…me knitting something not destined for someone else. In this pattern I needed to do a “fore-thought” heel. This necessitated a provisional cast-on method (top-down, not toe-up, too!) never-before-attempted by yours truly. I think it worked…mostly. I looked at the wrong numbers for what to decrease down to and sorta over-did it, but I still think it will work. The self-striping yarn is amazing stuff to work with!

I also have on yet another set of needles, the prayer shawl. Remember? The one I was using to teach myself how to knit continental style? That is waiting for cooler temperatures because it is too bleepin’ hot and sticky most of the time to even contemplate picking it upthese days. Besides, I wanted to work on MY sock.